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Mission Statement

As on an artist’s palette consisting of many colors, so is the make-up of our school.  The Elmer Wood Staff works to blend these colors to harmonize and bring out the true beauty of each child.  Hence, our mission statement:

“Every Child is a Masterpiece in the Making” is the foundation upon which our school vision has been established.  The ultimate purpose of education is to help each student develop academic skills and accept the responsibilities and obligations of good citizenship which lead to successful participation in tomorrow’s world.  Our programs meet the diverse needs of all students, generate a sense of belonging, and nurture our youngsters as they each find their path through childhood.

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Elmer Wood Parent Club

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Today, we were entertained by two characters that work for the Fresno Grizzlies. Their names were Parker and Eddie. Parker was an orange bear and Eddie was a brown owl. Both Eddie and Parker came with a man, named Chris Wilson. He narrated the show and explained to us what Parker and Eddie were going to do.


While they were here we had lots of fun. In all we had six teachers go up, and six students go up, and watched them perform trust exercises, clothes races, and there was even an epic dance party with Parker and Eddie.


While they were here they gave us a challenge! Parker and Eddie challenged us to read 10 books in a limit of 5 weeks! Wow! Once we are done reading all 10 books, we’re going to get a special reward! That reward would be two free tickets to a Grizzlies game--How cool! Get to reading Woodchucks!


We really enjoyed Parker and Eddie’s visit and hope to see them at the Grizzly game!   


posted by

Elina, Student Council Public Relations Officer

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Click the picture to check out our third grade!

Students Dazzled by Animal Show


Rick, a biologist at Wildlife Encounters for the last four years, came to our school on November 7th to show off some of the the rescue animals from his refuge. Mistreated animals that were not treated well get taken to the Wildlife Encounters. Rick and his animals have traveled all forty-eight main states except Hawaii and Alaska. In total, Rick showed off and taught us about six exotic animals for our enjoyment.


One of the animals that Rick showed was a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach; you can tell that they are female and male because the boy cockroaches have horns and the girls don't.  Rick also exhibited his giant blue macaw-the true star of the show! Rick says that a bird is the last thing that you want to get for a pet because you don't want to get too attached. Some of Ricks birds that talk speak different languages. The birds that Rick has they have to be around people.


Towards the middle of the show, Rick took a humongous spider out from a cage. There were two names for it: one is the Golden Knee Tarantula a.k.a. a  Trapdoor spider. One thing that the spider goes is after birth the female eats the male. Another animal he displayed was a blue tongued skink. When scared, it can detach its tail when they see predators. Its tail also has green blood that is sour and bitter so when other animals try to eat it they will spit it out. An iguana and a boa constrictor finished out the show.


Rick has been bitten by three things, an alligator, a bear and a wolf. He is most proud of his blue and gold macaw; this bird can talk, dance, and sing!


For more information about Rick and his animals or if you'd like to help out his wildlife refuge visit http://www.wildlifeencounters.org/ for more infomation.

Today: 2/1/15


Comcast Special Offer For Reduced Rate Internet

Click on the link below to view the information on your computer.  After opening, choose "print" to make your own copy.


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The Elmer Wood Student Handbook in English and Spanish

Click on either link to view on your computer.  After opening, choose print for your own copy.


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One World Taiko



From Seattle, Washington, Gary and Nancy are in a band called One World Taiko. They have been playing for about 25 years together practicing and entertaining many people around the world.  They have played in Walt Disney World, Florida and Japan. They are currently on a 9 month tour, and are playing over 200 shows.


Gary and Nancy make there own drums. These drums were made out of cowhide which is the part that they hit. To hold that cowhide together, Gary put furniture thumb tacks in a pattern that goes one tack up then one tack down. The part that holds it all is a wine barrel usually stained to give it a nice effect.


Everybody enjoyed the drums, and the music. The One World Taiko performers picked students to come up on stage and play a song-- it was an easy song.  They didn’t want to pick a hard one so it wouldn’t take them a long time to do.


Everyone was quiet, respectful,  and courteous when the people in the band spoke. Elmer Wood got many compliments by our fantastic taiko players saying we were a great audience and  played very well.


We enjoyed our assembly and enjoyed the entertainment. Elmer Wood appreciated their hard work and would love it if they would visit again!          

article written by Reilly
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Our friendly and professional office staff are available during the day to answer your questions and address your concerns.  From left to right are our office manager, Vicky Forte, our assistant office manager, Lourdes Govea, our principal, Kelli Parreira, and our community outreach coordinator, Cisco Jimenez.